Assistive Technology Resources

  • Stitcher for Podcasts (Free)

    by: Stitcher, Inc.

    SubjectCommunity of Practice, News/Podcast/Radio
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification, VoiceOver/Screen Reader
    PlatformAndroid, iOS, Website
    Age RangeSecondary, Teachers

    Offers programming from thousands of content providers, including NPR, FOX, and CNN. Stitcher is available for iPhone, Android, and iPad. Get the freshest episodes of your favorite podcasts and radio shows streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad—no downloading or syncing.
    download Stitcher for Podcasts (Free)  on the App Store get Stitcher for Podcasts (Free)  on google play
  • Story Builder for iPad/My Story Builder for Android (Free)

    by: Mobile Education Store LLC

    SubjectCommunication, Writing
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangeElementary, Preschool

    Story Builder is designed to help children improve paragraph formation, improve integration of ideas, and improve higher level abstractions by inference. Extensive use of audio clips promotes improved auditory processing for children with autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing disorders.

    download Story Builder for iPad/My Story Builder for Android (Free)  on the App Store
  • StoryBuddy 2 (Paid)

    by: Tapfuze

    SubjectCommunication, POHI/CI, Reading, Writing
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangeElementary, Preschool

    Create, read, and share multi-page EPUB and PDF stories right on the iPad. Draw directly on the iPad's screen with your finger as you create your very own picture book page by page.

    download StoryBuddy 2 (Paid)  on the App Store
  • SuperKids Educational Software Reviews (Free)

    by: SuperKids

    SubjectCommunity of Practice
    Accessibility FeatureVoiceOver/Screen Reader, Magnification
    Age RangeTeachers

    This website is for teachers and parents looking for reviews and ratings of educational software and apps. Provides interviews and feature stories on subjects related to education, technology, and parenting.
  • SuperVision+ Magnifier (Free)

    by: Schepens_MEE

    SubjectILS, Utility
    Accessibility FeatureVoiceOver/Screen Reader, Magnification
    Age RangePreschool, Elementary, Secondary, Teachers

    SuperVision+ is the only magnifying glass app on the market that offers a supreme live image stabilization capability.

    download SuperVision+ Magnifier (Free)  on the App Store