Assistive Technology Resources

  • Tickle (Free)

    by: NKPM

    SubjectCommunication, ILS
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangeSecondary

    The Tickle iPhone application gives access to the Tickle Network. Everyone in the Tickle Network can tickle each other by shaking the device. You'll be tickled by receiving a message (push notification) about who tickled you.

    download Tickle (Free)  on the App Store
  • Touch Xylophone! (Free)

    by: Ronald Bell

    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangePreschool, Elementary, Secondary, Teachers

    Touch Xylophone is a fun musical instrument that you can take with you anywhere! Download on multiple devices and create a Touch Xylophone band!

    download Touch Xylophone! (Free)  on the App Store
  • TouchMath (Paid)

    by: Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc

    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangeElementary

    Apps for math practice, beginning with touch counting and moving on to addition and subtraction. Teacher support also.
  • TuneIn Radio (Free)

    by: TuneIn Inc

    Accessibility FeatureMagnification, VoiceOver/Screen Reader
    Age RangeSecondary

    Listen to your favorite radio stations for free with TuneIn Radio. With more than 100,000 stations, TuneIn has the largest free selection of sports, news, music, and talk radio from around the world.

    get TuneIn Radio (Free)  on google play
  • UAbacus (Free)

    by: University of Arizona

    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    PlatformiOS, Website
    Age RangeElementary

    UAbacus is for low vision students. With the UAbacus you can add and subtract numbers using the "logic method" for abacus computation. Students get help with a step if they become stuck and have the correct answer verified.
    download UAbacus (Free)  on the App Store