Assistive Technology Resources

  • Blind Geek Zone (Free)

    by: Rick Harmon

    SubjectCommunity of Practice
    Accessibility FeatureVoiceOver/Screen Reader, Magnification
    Age RangeTeachers

    The Blind Geek Zone, hosted by Rick Harmon, who lost his sight in 2004, offers sources to the blind community for information, audio tutorials, gadget demonstrations, links to products, services, podcasts, and resources. The Blind Geek Zone is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Blindfold Bop Gesture Game (Free)

    by: Kid Friendly Software, Inc

    SubjectBraille, Leisure/Recreation, POHI/CI
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangePreschool, Elementary

    Blindfold Bop Gesture Game is a fully accessible action game designed for learning and practicing iPhone and iPad gestures.

    download Blindfold Bop Gesture Game (Free)  on the App Store
  • Blindfold Sea Battle (Free)

    by: Kid Friendly Software, Inc

    SubjectO&M, Leisure/Recreation, POHI/CI, Visual Skills
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangePreschool, Elementary, Secondary, Teachers

    Blindfold Sea Battle is a fully accessible audio game, inspired by the game Battleship, designed for for rapid audio play. Use Blindfold Sea Battle for teaching grid concepts to blind children.

    download Blindfold Sea Battle (Free)  on the App Store
  • Blizz (Free)

    by: TeamViewer

    SubjectILS, Leisure/Recreation, Communication, Community of Practice, Utility
    Accessibility FeatureVoiceOver/Screen Reader, Magnification
    PlatformiOS, Android, Website
    Age RangeElementary, Secondary, Teachers

    For the VO/B user, all buttons are accessible except when viewing screen for screen sharing activities. Files accepted.
    download Blizz (Free)  on the App Store get Blizz (Free)  on google play
  • Bloom HD (Paid)

    by: Opal Limited

    SubjectVisual Skills, POHI/CI
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangePreschool

    Bloom, the acclaimed app by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and musician / software designer Peter Chilvers has been fully reworked to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen.

    download Bloom HD  (Paid)  on the App Store