Request an Alternate Location

EIPA assessments are offered at the following locations: Lansing, Traverse City, and Oakland Schools. If you would like to request that the EIPA be administered at an alternate location, please complete the form below. A minimum of three participants (and a maximum of four) are needed in order to be considered. An administrator must approve your request to host the EIPA assessment at your location. MDE-LIO staff will call you to verify administrative approval and any further details. Once the requirements are met, a testing date will be scheduled within two to four weeks.

Please provide the name of the building or agency and city where the test will take place (e.g. Ingham ISD, Lansing, MI)

To request an alternate location, you must have a minimum of three but no more than four participants. Note: If you need to add a fourth participant, click on Participant #4 below to expand the entry fields.

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