The Importance of Family Engagement - Flint


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March 15, 2018




Michigan School for the Deaf
1235 W. Court St.
Flint, MI 48503

Call 810-257-1486 or 810-250-7033 (VP) for details

Free (pizza and beverages included)

MDE-LIO is collaborating with Gallaudet University Regional Center (GURC) and Michigan Hands & Voices to offer evening family events with GURC Midwest Director Sheri Cook. Sheri, who is Deaf, will share her experiences of growing up and how her parents and grandparents contributed to her (and her sister’s) language and academic development.

For more information regarding the start time, registration, location, and accommodations, please contact Becky Calaman at Michigan School for the Deaf at 810-257-1486 or 810-250-7033 (VP).

About the Presenter

Sheri Cook has a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education and a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. In 2010, Sheri became the director of GURC for the Midwest. Sheri serves 14 Midwest states and collaborates with many schools and programs to support students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and their families. Sheri is an engaging presenter who will bring a message of encouragement full of tips and resources for parents!