Registration  |  Process  |  Test Scores

Register Online

  • The district administrator or employee must submit the online registration form and indicate the individuals to be assessed (employees, students, or other interested individuals).

Schedule a Time

  • The MDE-LIO ASLPI coordinator contacts the registered individuals and arranges a time for the assessment.
  • Three test sites are available—Flint, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. However, with approval, the assessment can also be administered via video phone from the individual’s location.
  • The employee must pay the proctor fee to secure the scheduled time.
  • After the proctor fee is paid, the MDE-LIO ASLPI coordinator will send a link for the individual to complete registration via Gallaudet University. If registration is not completed, the university will cancel the scheduled time.

Prepare for the Assessment

  • Visit the Gallaudet University website for more information on the process, including an overview of the ASLPI proficiency levels and guidance on preparing for the assessment.

Take the Assessment

  • Take the assessment via video phone (approximately 20-30 minutes).
  • Gallaudet University scores the assessment.

Get Your Score

  • Gallaudet University shares the score with the individual who was assessed and with MDE-LIO.
  • MDE-LIO keeps the score on file in its database for two years.

Assessment Fee

  • $150 assessment fee
  • $20 proctor fee