Clothing Labels From APH

February 4, 2015

The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is offering a new product that allows Braille readers to keep all clothing organized! The Tactile Clothing Tape allows you to create labels for color, laundry instructions, or other information about clothing.

The Brailled information remains clean and readable after going through automatic washers and dryers, and even holds up under an iron as long as a layer of fabric is kept between the iron and the label. Unlike pre-made color labels that are limited to a few clothing colors, this tape allows you to include your own abbreviations for as many colors or patterns as you wish.

You can create labels with laundry instructions, clothes matching information, names, etc.


  • Two 120-inch rolls of 1/2 inch wide washable tape
  • Two packs of sturdy quilting safety pins
  • Braille and print instructions

APH Item Name and Catalog Number 

  • Tactile Clothing Tape
    Catalog Number: 1-07420-00
  • Pocket Braille Slate Slotted for Labeling Tape (related product)
    Catalog Number: 1-00160-00