Order American Printing House (APH) Materials Through MDE-LIO

  • APH materials may be requested by teacher consultants or orientation and mobility specialists.
  • APH materials are available at no cost to school districts through the Federal Quota Program.
  • Students must be registered with APH in order to receive APH materials through the Federal Quota Program.
  • Certain products are considered "high-ticket" due to their substantial cost. These items must be requested separately and require additional information. 

Request Form

Student Information
APH Items
High-Ticket Item

Certain items require approval before you can order them. These items are as follows:

  • SMART Brailler
  • MATT Connect
  • Orbit Reader 20
  • Jupiter Portable Magnifier
  • Code Jumper
  • PixBlaster
  • PageBlaster
  • Mantis Q40
  • Chameleon 20
  • Juno

If you need to request one of these items, please use the select list below to choose the item you'd like to request.

You must agree to our 'Loan Agreement' in order to be considered for approval.

Registrant Information
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Shipping Information
For privacy reasons, please do not use the name of the student.