The resources and products on this page can assist professionals and parents of students who are Blind/Visually Impaired (BVI) as they navigate early childhood.


MDE-LIO does not endorse the purchase or use of any non-State Board of Education-adopted commercial products. Products and services noted below are included for information only and their inclusion should not be interpreted as a recommendation of MDE-LIO.

Hands On Kit: Functional Activities for Visually Impaired Preschoolers
The Hands On Kit helps children develop skills such as concentration, hand and visual coordination, ability to complete a cycle of activity, and socialization skills. Also helps develop a sense of order and a positive self-image.

Lots of Dots
Lots of Dots is an exciting set of three raised-line coloring books designed for future large print and braille readers. The books are designed for sequential use; children develop character recognition, pre-literacy, and pre-math skills, and eventually picture building and daily living skills.

Flip-Over Concept Books
These concept books provide interactive, independent learning for young children as they build basic concepts and develop early tactile skills.

Light Box Materials: Level II
The Level II Light Box helps teach matching and identification skills, part-whole relationships, sequencing, pattern duplication, spatial relationships, and visual memory skills.

Light Box Materials: Level III
The Level III Light Box helps students develop: prewriting and handwriting, matching and sorting, recognition and identification, spatial relationships, visual memory, sequencing, figure-ground discrimination, visual closure, and part-whole relationships.

What is IT Kit
The What is IT Kit’s exercises emphasize the need for forming real mental images in relation to labels at a very early age.

Braille Beads: APH Starter Kit
Become bejeweled with braille! Make fun and educational jewelry with plastic braille beads.

Color-by-Texture Marking Mats
The primary goal of this product is to invite tactile learners to be active participants in art activities by making their own choices based on color and texture preferences.

Classroom Calendar Kit
This large wall calendar introduces children to such concepts as measuring time; tracking left, right, top, and bottom; recording the weather; and recognizing and sequencing numerals.

Beginner’s Abacus
This abacus has a counting frame for reinforcing beginning mathematical concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, counting, place value, addition, and subtraction.