Discovery Kit Activity Highlight: Edible Soil

This activity was included in our Soil Science Discovery Kit in summer 2020 for teens ages 13-18. We are making one activity from each age group available for all to enjoy.

When you dig deep into soil, there are different layers called soil horizons. The layers...

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Support for New School Personnel in Fall 2020

The MDE-LIO Support Team was recently created to help develop competent, informed, and knowledgeable teachers of students who are visually impaired (TVIs), teacher consultants of the visually impaired (TCVIs), and certified orientation and mobility specialists (COMS) in...

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Share Ideas at an Upcoming Swap Meet

This school year, MDE-LIO will partner with intermediate school districts (ISDs) in several regions across the state to host virtual “swap meets” for school personnel serving children or students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH).

Each half-day regional event...

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Camp T Connects With Families From a Distance

From Camp T Director Jill Teegardin

The global pandemic has caused everyone to think differently about work, education, socializing, and daily living. When MDE-LIO began offering distance learning opportunities this year, Camp T staff got on board and...

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Discovery Kit Activity Highlight: Story Sticks

This activity was included in our Nature’s Way Discovery Kit in summer 2020 for children ages 5-8. We are making one activity from each age group available for all to enjoy.


Story sticks are used to help recall a story about a trip, hike, or...

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