Our Family Support section connects you to resources that directly serve students and their families.

MDE-LIO COVID-19 Resources

Supporting Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired as They Return to School [PDF]

MDE-LIO has compiled a list of tips and resources for supporting your child's return to school, whether virtual or in person.

Blind/Visual Impairment COVID-19 Resources

This page offers a wide range of resources from MDE-LIO's LIVE With LIO webinars, information from other organizations, and ways to support your child during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LIVE With LIO: Resources for Parents and Families [PDF]

This document includes information and resources that were provided during a LIVE With LIO webinar in April 2020 for parents and families.

Other MDE-LIO Resources

Resource Library

MDE-LIO’s resource library includes books and materials for parents that are available for loan.

ABCs for VIPs

Borrow braille books for children in pre-K to third grade.

Braille Version of the Procedural Safeguards Notice [zip file]

Download a file to print the Procedural Safeguards Notice in braille. Visit the Michigan Department of Education's website for other printable versions of the Procedural Safeguards Notice.

Independent Living Skills Lessons

Learn what you can do at home to help your child become independent.

Compensatory Skills

Find resources for helping your child develop skills necessary for accessing the curriculum, including braille.

Assistive Technology Skills and Resources

This section provides helpful apps for students who are BVI and tips on how to make your home computer more accessible.

Neurological Visual Impairment (NVI)

Learn about blindness and visual impairments that are caused by NVI. This page also includes links to helpful resources, such as CVI Now, a resource from Perkins School for the Blind that offers current, vetted, and accurate information about cortical visual impairment (CVI).

Blind/Visually Impaired Outreach Support

MDE-LIO provides support to families and school districts regarding a variety of topics.

Early Childhood

Learn about products and resources that can help you navigate your child’s early years.


Your child may be eligible for scholarships to help pay for programs and events.

Additional Resources

Michigan Alliance for Families

Michigan Alliance for Families offers workshops, webinars, and disability-specific information for families.

Special Education Mediation Services (SEMS)

SEMS provides facilitation and mediation services to help families and school districts resolve disagreements.

Early On Michigan

Early On offers early intervention services for families with children ages birth to three.

Michigan Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (MPVI)

MPVI provides support, information, advocacy, and events for families of children who are BVI.


WonderBaby features a database of articles written by parents of young children who are BVI or have multiple disabilities.

Paths to Literacy

Paths to Literacy offers a blog and resources that can be browsed by topic.

Family Connect

Family Connect offers resources and message boards for families of children who are BVI as well as a calendar of events that can be browsed by location.