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Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Scholarships are available for eligible children and their parents/guardians through the Michigan School for the Blind Trust Fund, up to $250 per event and $1,200 per fiscal year (see Scholarship Funding Amount section below). Scholarships may be used for Michigan programs or events approved by MDE-LIO. Eligible students must:

  • Be a Michigan resident, 0-26 years of age, and still attending the K–12 school system.
  • Meet the definition of having a visual impairment, including DeafBlindness, as defined in the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education.
    • R 340.1708 Visual impairment explained; determination
    • R 340.1717 DeafBlindness defined; determination
  • Be eligible for financial need as demonstrated by a Bridge Card or proof of eligibility for free/reduced school lunch. No exceptions will be made.

​Scholarship Funding Amount

The maximum funding is $250 per event, and $1,200 per fiscal year (October 1-September 30), for both parent and student. Mileage reimbursement is included in the amount allowed. If a scholarship is awarded, MDE-LIO will provide funding after the event.

Funding amounts vary from year to year, based on the availability of funds and the number of scholarships awarded.

Attend Approved Programs

Approved programs include:

  • Enrichment programs
  • Workshops
  • Camps
  • Learning opportunities

Scholarships can also pay for:

  • Registration fees
  • Travel reimbursement up to 100 miles at the current state-approved rate

​Scholarship Application Process

Your request must be pre-approved by MDE-LIO before the event. After MDE-LIO receives your application, you will receive a letter of approval or denial.

Before the event, submit ALL of the following to MDE-LIO:

  1. Scholarship Application Form [PDF]
    • Include the pre-approval form with your application.
  2. Proof of financial need (MDE-LIO will not accept applications for children who do not qualify for either option listed below)
    • Copy of your Bridge Card, or
    • Proof of free/reduced lunch
  3. Copy of the program/event registration form or announcement

After the event, submit the following to MDE-LIO:

  1. Attendance Confirmation (located on page 6 of the Scholarship Application Form)
    • Bring this form to the event. This form must be completed by the event/program coordinator and must be received by MDE-LIO within 30 days after the completion of the event.
  2. Copy of event sign-out sheet
  3. Non-State Employee Travel Voucher
    • To receive a copy of the travel voucher form, please call 517-241-9844.
    • Fill out and submit this form along with your attendance confirmation only if you claimed mileage reimbursement on your scholarship application.

For questions regarding MDE-LIO scholarships, please contact Melissa Salyer at 517-241-9844.