BrailleNote – Advanced

BrailleNote is a portable device that functions as a laptop computer for individuals who are blind.

This course is designed for individuals who are familiar with the basics of BrailleNote. The skills taught are key skills for helping students advance in their academic and professional careers. Please make sure you have mastered the basics described in our beginner workshop before attending this workshop.

Learn Advanced Skills

  • Use the computer braille code
  • Use advanced features of word processing
  • Create and edit PowerPoint files
  • Use advanced Internet navigation
  • Set up and access an email account
  • Download books from Bookshare and the Library of Congress
  • Pair the iPad with your BrailleNote
  • Use advanced functions on features of the BrailleNote, such as the:
    • BookReader
    • Calculator, including the Nemeth Code tutorial

Learn Instructional Strategies

You will receive a curriculum module with instructions for teaching advanced BrailleNote skills to students. You will also receive tip sheets and other resources.

You will be added to the MDE-LIO technology listserv after completing the workshop. As a member of the listserv, you can connect with other professionals who have completed an MDE-LIO technology workshop. Use the listserv to share ideas, ask questions, or help answer someone else’s question about assistive technology. MDE-LIO also shares helpful tips on a regular basis.



Individuals working with students who are BVI, including:

  • Teachers and BVI teacher consultants
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Parents
  • College students

Middle and high school students may also participate. Please ask about student participation when scheduling the workshop if interested.

How Many

  • Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties: 4-8 participants
  • All other counties: 3-8 participants


Ensure the minimum number of participants.

We will schedule the workshop in your area once there is interest from the minimum number of participants. Let us know if you need help to meet the minimum.

Once the workshop is scheduled, we will list it as an event and open registration to others who are interested.

The instructional days may be scheduled back-to-back or one week apart.

  • Day 1 (5.5 hours)
  • Day 2 (5 hours)


The workshop host must provide:

  • A printer and a braille embosser that all participants can access
  • A BrailleNote for each participant
    • Let MDE-LIO know if you need BrailleNote devices


Request credits when scheduling the workshop.

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)
    • A 40-day wait period is required to schedule the workshop if SCECHs are requested
  • Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREPs)


Teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel: $75

Students, parents/family, and college students: $37.50