As a reminder to districts, our online system for the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) census will be opening on January 1, 2024. Each year's census generates Federal Quota funds for eligible students to receive equipment and materials at no cost to the district.

Please be aware that APH has made an important update to Federal Quota registration. Starting in January 2024, eligibility will be based on modified criteria:

Meet the definition of blindness (MDB)—a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less (using a Snellen chart or an acuity determined in Snellen equivalents) in the better eye with the best correction or a peripheral field of vision no greater than 20 degrees,


Function at the definition of blindness (FDB)—when visual function meets the definition of blindness as determined by an eye care specialist (ophthalmologist or optometrist) or a medical doctor such as a neurologist. Students in this category manifest unique visual characteristics often found in conditions referred to as neurological, cortical, or cerebral visual impairment (e.g., brain injury or dysfunction),


Qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) definition of blindness: an impairment in vision, that, even with correction, adversely affects a child’s educational performance (34 CFR §300.8(c)(13)).

APH and MDE-LIO do not collect the required documentation as part of the Federal Quota census. However, schools and agencies must be able to provide the following documentation in the event of an audit:

  • signed parent consent form
  • the student’s formal written education plan
  • current eye report (waived again for 2024)

Our census help guide is being updated based on the changes above and will be sent out along with other information to assist in the census process. For information on APH and the census, please visit If you have any questions, please contact Roxanne Balfour at [email protected] or Sarah Oberlin at [email protected].