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February 4, 2015

Now available from APH is the Boehm-3 Preschool assessment kit in both large print (big picture kit) and braille version (tactile edition kit). The Boehm-3 Preschool is an easy-to-administer tool that helps identify children who need help with basic relational concepts. Boehm-3 Preschool measures 26 basic concepts relevant to the preschool and early childhood curriculum.

This test helps identify children who lack understanding in basic relational concepts so you can provide intervention sooner, increasing their chance of success in school. Each concept is tested twice, to verify the child’s understanding.

This product is available on quota and may serve as a great tool when working with your speech teacher or psychologist. Visit the Request Materials section of our website to order.


  • Assess each concept twice to determine the child’s understanding across contexts
  • Picture Manual and Record Forms in English and Spanish (Big Picture Kit only)

Recommended Ages

  • Preschool

APH Item Name and Catalog Number 

  • Boehm-3 Preschool Big Picture Kit
    Catalog Number: 1-03880-00
  • Boehm-3 Preschool Tactile Edition Kit
    Catalog Number: 1-03882-00