This summer, MDE-LIO launched a new parent education video series! This series is designed to give parents and caregivers insights and strategies for nurturing their child's growth.

We know the vital role that parents and caregivers play in their child’s education. Collaborating and communicating effectively with others are essential skills that pave the way for success.

To access the videos, visit the MDE-LIO Video Library or click the links below:

Developing a Team Player Attitude
MDE-LIO Education Consultant Johanna Brutvan and Parent Liaison Amy Shepherd share their experiences and provide insights that help parents work cooperatively with their child’s education team.

Practicing Active Listening Techniques
Brutvan and Shepherd discuss how active listening techniques can improve communication between educators and parents.

Implementing a Co-Captain Leadership Style
Brutvan and Shepherd share ways to adopt a co-captain leadership style. This strategy is important for fostering collaborative interactions between parents and teachers.