Fall is the perfect time to take a hike with your family. Below is a fun outdoor activity to do while on a walk, as well as a list of corn mazes around Michigan.

Many plants have seeds designed to attach themselves to animals so the plants can disperse and reproduce. Plants often disperse seeds in the fall. Wild animals often help plants disperse plant seeds. Many seeds have Velcro-like hooks and can easily attach themselves to the fur of wild animals. In this activity, you will use an inside-out tube sock to simulate the fur of wild animals. Your goal is to collect as many seeds as you can.


  • Old tube sock


  1. Turn an old tube sock inside out and place it on your arm. You can also wear it on your foot.  
  2. Take a walk in a local park or around your backyard or neighborhood. 
  3. Brush the sock against plants and bushes. The sock will collect seeds as it is brushed against plants. 
  4. Count the number of seeds you find. You can organize the seeds by size, type, shape, or texture. You may be surprised by the number and variety of seeds you find! 

Corn Maze Fun

Want more fall fun? Visit a corn maze with your family! To locate a corn maze near you, visit Ultimate Top 50 Michigan Corn Mazes