While MDE-LIO Parent Liaison Amy Shepherd led a camp cheer on May 9, several children giggled as everyone fell out of sync toward the end.

“A-W-E-S-O-M-E, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome are we,” the group shouted.

The cheer was part of a Virtual Family Campfire event on May 9, which featured fun costumes, Camp Tuhsmeheta (Camp T) history, singalongs, exciting games, and even a live chicken. Five families participated from their homes as Shepherd and Camp T Director Jill Teegardin led them through the activities.

At the start of the webinar, families were invited to introduce themselves and answer a fun question, such as “What is your favorite camp food?” and “What is your favorite summer tradition?” Children were also asked to use their senses to identify something in their home to share. One child noticed sun streaming through her window and another said he smelled doughnuts.

During the event, participants completed “challenge” activities, such as finding something bird-related in their home. One family returned with a live chick, while others found bird figurines and stuffed animals. The “tower challenge” involved using household items to create a tower that could bear the weight of a toilet paper roll. 

At the end of the event, participants were invited to take part in a traditional campfire singalong.

"We miss being able to interact with families at camp, so we thought a virtual campfire would be a great way to bring people together to sing songs, share stories, and play games,” Teegardin said after the webinar. “I was impressed with how creative families were during the scavenger hunt and the tower challenge. Overall, it was a great success, and we hope to do similar events in the future."