Each interpreter’s performance on the EIPA is assessed and processed by a panel of trained evaluators at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

MDE-LIO does not share individual scores, but we do keep overall data on candidates who have taken the EIPA for certification in Michigan. The information is current as of November 2017.

EIPA Score Overview

Since the EIPA began in 1991, 157 examinees have passed the EIPA with a 4.0 or higher.

  • Elementary assessment: 102 examinees
  • Secondary assessment: 55 examinees

Within the same time frame, 499 examinees have received a score below 4.0. This data does not include repeat test takers.


Of the 157 examinees who passed the EIPA:

  • 124 graduated from an interpreter training program (ITP) and had more than four years of educational interpreter experience.
  • 33 did not graduate from an ITP and had four years or less of educational interpreter experience.

Areas of Strength and Difficulty

Below are the four parts of the EIPA, ranked in order of examinee proficiency (most proficient to least proficient):

  • Roman Numeral III: Foundational Skills
  • Roman Numeral II: Sign to Voice
  • Roman Numeral I: Classifiers and Space
  • Roman Numeral IV: Discourse Mapping