Unified English Braille Course – 16 Sessions

This course is designed for individuals who are preparing to work with students who are Blind/Visually Impaired (BVI). Participants will learn the Unified English Braille Code (UEB) and receive instructional resources.

Learn UEB

Participants will learn the following:

  • The alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Typeforms
  • More than 180 contractions (and rules that pertain to them)

Class Expectations

  • Use (purchase or borrow) Ashcroft Program Instruction: Unified English Braille, a college-level textbook
  • Attend 16 two-hour instructional sessions
  • Complete weekly assignments outside of class instruction
  • Complete midterm and final exams



Individuals preparing to work with students who are BVI, including:

  • Teachers and BVI teacher consultants
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Parents/guardians
  • Other family members (adults only)
  • College students

Continuing Education

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)
  • Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREPs)
  • Certificate of completion issued by the Michigan Department of Education


Teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel: $90

Parents/family and college students: $45.00


Each participant needs the following textbook:

Ashcroft's Programmed Instruction: Unified English Braille

  • Borrow the textbook from MDE-LIO for the duration of the workshop
  • Purchase the textbook from SCALARS Publishing (ISBN: 978-0-9960353-0-9)

Additional class materials will be supplied by the Michigan Department of Education.