• BookWidgets Google Classroom Integration (Free)

    by: Google, LLC

    SubjectCommunity of Practice
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification, VoiceOver/Screen Reader
    PlatformBrowser/Software Extension
    Age RangeTeachers

    This extension integrates BookWidgets into Google Classroom. Create fun and interactive exercises for Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, and PCs. Includes interactive graphs, dynamic worksheets, and automatically graded exercises and tests. With BookWidgets, create more than 40 different types of exercises.

  • Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) (Free)

    by: National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

    SubjectCommunity of Practice, ILS, Leisure/Recreation, POHI/CI, Reading
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification, VoiceOver/Screen Reader
    PlatformiOS, Website
    Age RangeElementary, Preschool, Secondary, Teachers

    BARD contains nearly 70,000 books, magazines, and music scores in audio and braille formats, with new selections added daily. Eligible users (requires membership of NLS) may download and read any book, magazine, or other material found on the BARD website. The BARD Mobile app provides access to braille and talking books directly from BARD.

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  • BrailleBuzz (Free)

    by: American Printing House for the Blind (APH)

    Accessibility FeatureMagnification, VoiceOver/Screen Reader
    PlatformAndroid, iOS
    Age RangeElementary, Preschool

    This app uses a fun environment to introduce young children who are Blind or Visually Impaired to some of their first experiences with electronic braille.

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  • Brainly - Homework Help App (Free)

    by: Brainly, Inc.

    SubjectCommunity of Practice, ILS, Math, Reading, Science, Writing
    Accessibility FeatureMagnification, VoiceOver/Screen Reader
    PlatformAndroid, iOS, Website
    Age RangeElementary, Preschool, Secondary

    Get homework help in subjects such as math, history, English, biology, chemistry, physics, social studies, Advanced Placement (AP), geography, health, arts, business, computers and technology, French, German, Spanish, and other world languages. Brainly covers elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. A dedicated team of subject experts and moderators verify answers daily. Scan math problems and get step-by-step guidance. Brainly Basic provides free homework help. Ask a question by photo, voice, or text, and get instant answers. Parents can pair their account with their child’s. Includes free and paid features.

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  • BrainPOP Featured Movie (Free)

    by: BrainPOP®

    Accessibility FeatureMagnification
    Age RangePreschool, Elementary, Secondary, Teachers

    Watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with interactive quiz. Choose optional in-app subscription and explore hundreds of Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Engineering & Tech, Arts & Music, and Health subjects.

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