Microsoft Word Using JAWS – Part 2

JAWS is a screen-reading software.

This course is designed for individuals who will be teaching a student with a visual impairment how to use Microsoft Word using JAWS. This course uses Microsoft Word versions older than 2010. Participants must have already completed Part 1 of this workshop series.

Learn Advanced Skills for Microsoft Word

  • Proofread
  • Insert columns and tables
  • Use different styles

Learn Instructional Strategies

The workshop will cover lesson plans seven through twelve from the curriculum in Teaching Word Using JAWS for Windows from DeWitt & Associates. This is the book that is provided to participants in Part 1 of this workshop series. You will receive tip sheets and tactile graphics to enhance the lesson plans.



Individuals working with students who are BVI, including:

  • Teachers and BVI teacher consultants
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Parents
  • College students

How Many

  • Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties: 4-8 participants
  • All other counties: 3-8 participants


Ensure the minimum number of participants.

We will schedule the workshop in your area once there is interest from the minimum number of participants. Let us know if you need help to meet the minimum.

Once the workshop is scheduled, we will list it as an event and open registration to others who are interested.

The instructional days may be scheduled back-to-back or one week apart.

  • Day 1 (6 hours)
  • Day 2 (5 hours)


  • MDE-LIO will provide computers for participants to use
  • Each participant should bring the book Teaching Word Using JAWS for Windows handed out in Part 1 of the workshop series


Request credits when scheduling the workshop.

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)
    • A 40-day wait period is required to schedule the workshop if SCECHs are requested
  • Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREPs)


Teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel: $75

Parents/family and college students: $37.50